Pardon Our Dust

I met the members of Overclocked in the fall of 2014, my first year of college. As roommates first, and friends second. As our respective studies progressed, we found a mutual respect and admiration in each other's art. I've always been a huge fan of punk rock, and they loved my aesthetic.

Pardon Our Dust became what I would call my debut into design, and I hit the ground running. I absolutely loved this project. It is far from my best work, I feel, but the opportunity to combine photography and design into a successful and well-received release is nothing short of a great achievement in my mind.

The final design included a front and back cover, packaged in a plastic CD case, alongside a single-page insert and of course the CD itself.


What started as a simple picture taken on a rainy Dallas night in the back of my car would go on to become one of my fondest design memories.