Where can I download your themes?

This question has multiple answers. I host my themes in three places as of right now: The Packix repository, my own "Legacy" repo, and here on my site.

You can search Cydia for my themes now and find them through Packix. For my legacy repo, the source address is: https://colbyroark.yourepo.com.

How do I request icons for your themes?

Use the links below:

*Please be aware that icon requests are temporarily closed. High volume of requests has caused me to close them to catch up.*

How do I find Bundle IDs for my requests?

You can use this website: https://offcornerdev.com/bundleid.html, or you can use Filza on your device and follow these steps:

  1. Hit the bookmarks icon (star) at the bottom of Filza

  2. Tap Applications

  3. Navigate to your requested apps and press the info button ('i' within circle)

  4. The Bundle ID is the string similar to 'com.example.example'

How often do you update?

It is my goal to update my themes at least once a month. As far as how many icons you can expect in an update, that is entirely dependent on the amount of requests I receive. Those will inevitably slow down as time goes along, but I'll continue to fulfill requests as long as they come in.

What iOS versions do your themes work on?

My themes are designed for iOS 8 and onward. However, your firmware changes where you should download from.

Due to differences in .deb package creation on different iOS versions, iOS 10 and below users are recommended to download my themes from my "Legacy Repo," mentioned above.

What if I bought your theme on your Legacy Repo? Am I entitled to it on Packix if I update my firmware?

Yes, and vice versa. When you purchase my themes, regardless of platform, you are entitled to that purchase in perpetuity. The processes are not automated to grant you access to the other platforms when you purchase on your initial one, but I will work with you to get you your purchases on the right platform.

In order to get you moved over to Packix if you've bought from my Legacy Repo in the past, however, I need your help. You'd need to fill out the appropriate forms for me to process that transfer. Those are below.

How will I know if my transfer request has been fulfilled?

With Packix being brand new, there's naturally some kinks to work out. With that being said, I do transfer requests several times a day for the most part, slowing down on weekends. Many users have confirmed that they receive notifications through their email saying that the request has been fulfilled (look for an email that says "You've been gifted <theme>!"

My advice to you is to wait 24 hours, and give it a try. If it works, I've obviously processed it. If not, shoot me a DM over Twitter or email me. Either works with me.

I can't download your themes on Packix even though you fulfilled the transfer request! What gives?

If you submitted a transfer request using your email and not your Packix ID, you've most likely not linked your email with your Packix account. In order to do that, you need to go to https://repo.packix.com/account/, hit login, and this will direct you to sign in with your Google account. Also take the time to link your device as well, as this can cause problems for the process, too.

What if I decide your theme isn't for me? Can I get a refund?

While it breaks my heart to hear you're leaving me, yes I will honor refunds if requested in a timely manner and with a valid reason. If you bought my theme through Packix, I encourage you to use their refund system instead of messaging me directly. I'm going to just tell you to use their system anyway, so make it easy on yourself.

The refund feature is found on the page for the theme in question. Look for "Request a Refund."